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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't want to play? Too late, you already are.

A friend sent this to me...


The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over everything! Tokens include a bus, a teleprompter, a sprig of arugula and a waffle iron. Wanna play? No?

Too bad, you're already playing ... and, quite frankly, in this game, nobody wins. How fun!


Epsilon Indi said...

You honestly believe this, don't you?

Chivid said...

Ahh yes the age old anti-intelligent notion that liberals are communists.

News flash, bimbo.

The economic flow of Marxist Communism follows the pattern of wealth and resources acquired through the state filtering through an deregulated elite class as it passes down to the working class below. In the USSR, the elite was the military.

Meanwhile in the 1980's USA, Trickle-Down Reaganomics followed the pattern of passing state appropriated funds through a deregulated elite class where ideally, it would have passed down to the working class below. In the USA, the elite was the Wall Street and the mega-corporations.

Are you learning yet, dimwit? You wrong-wingers were so busy looking down at left-wingers for being communists that you didn't notice the real communists slipping into elected office. Hell, GWB even began the USA's very own KGB courtesy of the Patriot Act.

Ronald Reagan was more of a real life Marxist Communist than any image you wrong-wingers could ever show Barack Obama to be.

Hikikomorihime said...

:-( Oh wow, what's wrong with you? Don't you know your negativity just breeds more negativity?

Also, the government only has as much control as the public lets it have. I'm so tired of all this "THE GUBMINT IS OUT TO GIT ME!!" whining. The government isn't out to get you. They are stumbling along trying to figure out what people actually WANT. Contact people in government, TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT. Seriously, that's all you paranoid people need to start doing, then you can stop with the paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you own your business? Well, I do and Obama's way is the way of socialism not individualism.

He is targeting businesses with taxes that would normally go to keep cost down on products you'd buy, pay increase for the workers. The more businesses get taxed the more the cost gets passed along to you the consumer.

However, a business and business owner can only be taxed so much before he/she decides to take what they have and close down shop. This means buildings are vacant, people are unemployed, products are not be made, taxes are being payed.

We in West Bend are into double diget unemployment, which Obama said would only reach 8%. We are way passed 8% and climbing. You can no longer blame this on Bush. These are Obama's failed policies, but then again he does want us all to rely on the government more than ourselves.

You voted for this...I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Correctin...taxes are NOT getting paid.