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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mark Belling suing City of West Bend

..for refusal to respond to ORR request.

The podcast will be available below once it is posted. Stay tuned.....


The segment starts @ 8:44 into podcast.



Anonymous said...

Why is it that whenever someone finds themself with the power to give them a better opportunity to listen to them... like a radio host... they have to go out and do something retarded like this to harm their credibility...

Kristina said...

Oh you should be very proud. You will be able to skirt even more fiscal responsibility regarding this fiasco. And this is the community you love? Really, you are taking it down with your own sinking boat.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

So, you've criticized UW-Milwaukee for "poking its nose" into West Bend's business, and frequently criticized the ALA and others for interfering in what you feel should be only a local issue.

So why do you embrace Mark Belling's interjection into this mess?

(Wait, nevermind)

SafeLibraries said...

I just listened to the broadcast. I heard he is contemplating a lawsuit. I did not hear that he has filed suit.

Be that as it may, what he says is compelling.

People should listen and decide for themselves, instead of being persuaded by the usual irrelevant personal attacks I see in previous comments. You see such attacks so often by the same people, often anonymous or pseudonymous, you know right there they must be hiding something.

Mark Belling's arguments about the possible destruction of public records and the possible resultant cover up is especially interesting, as is the possible political packing of the library board--could you imagine if a church packed a library board? Oh wait, it didn't happen in Topeka, KS, but it was claimed to have happened and people went nuts. And don't forget, Christians are no longer welcome on Canadian library boards.

Mark Belling keeps talking about "gay porn." The "gay" issue was dropped long ago and the "porn" issue is nonexistent.

In any case, people criticize Mark Belling but there's not a peep about how the library changed its policies to set in stone that children will retain access to inappropriate material it is perfectly legal to keep from them.

Anonymous said...

People are laying into Mark Belling and not riping the WB Library board to deflect the possible wrong-doings of the WB Library Board. IMO, that is why they contacted an outside attorney because they knew they screwed up.

Talk about costing the community...the library board put up road blocks, they stonewalled and now it seems they quite possibly went against the law. Not to mention the YA Zone librarian promoting obscene books geared for minor children on the website. So if you want to pass blame I suggest you do it to those who may have violated the law.

Anonymous said...

Since I was out of town I didn't hear Mark Belling's topic on 1130 WISN. I did just listen to his podcast. Actually, he makes perfect sense. The City of West Bend has left him no choice, but to sue them.

Please do not blame this on Mark Belling or those who seek safe libraries. This clearly falls onto those who the e-mails were sent, the libray, the board and the mayor. It is their job to keep track and save such e-mails.

I hope Mr. Belling does file a law suit, I'd like to know what they are covering up.