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Sunday, July 12, 2009

ALA Conference, McCormick Place, Chicago - the uninvited version

(Art Institute of Chicago - see note below)

Ok, this was as far as I could go, since I wasn't invited, and am not welcome.

Another event:
7:00 pm
ALA/ProQuest Scholarship Bash;
Art Institute of Chicago
(separate ticket required)

ALA hosted a fundraiser at the Art Institute of Chicago that night. Participants were gussied up for the event, nametags on.... Very interesting conversations to be had last night.


Amanda said...

Well, you could've bought a ticket.

Maria Hanrahan said...

I hope you also got a chance to see Millennium Park - the Cloud Gate and Crown Fountain - if you have not been there before. They are very cool; I enjoyed the park a lot and highly recommend it.