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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Federal census goes too far...gets into your business

Looking over this extended Census Survey form on the US Census website should raise the American eyebrow...

Questions dig deep into your .....bathroom?

Sample questions:

a. How many separate rooms are in this
house, apartment, or mobile home?
Rooms must be separated by built-in
archways or walls that extend out at least
6 inches and go from floor to ceiling.


Does this house, apartment, or mobile
home have –

a. hot and cold running water?
b. a flush toilet?
c. a bathtub or shower?
d. a sink with a faucet?
e. a stove or range?
f. a refrigerator?
g. telephone service from
which you can both make
and receive calls? Include
cell phones.


Is this person CURRENTLY covered by any of the
following types of health insurance or health
coverage plans? Mark "Yes" or "No" for EACH type
of coverage in items a – h.

a. Insurance through a current or
former employer or union (of this
person or another family member)
b. Insurance purchased directly from
an insurance company (by this
person or another family member)
c. Medicare, for people 65 and older,
or people with certain disabilities
d. Medicaid, Medical Assistance, or
any kind of government-assistance
plan for those with low incomes
or a disability
f. VA (including those who have ever
used or enrolled for VA health care)
e. TRICARE or other military health care
g. Indian Health Service
h. Any other type of health insurance

and much, much more.

I mean, MUCH, much more.

Look it over. Are YOU going to give up that much info to Obama?

Census = Counting people....

...not personal profiling.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt you tell Obama? With all the personal information you've already given about yourself on the interwebs, I dont see why you wouldnt mind sharing a few things with your President that doesnt really hurt anything anyway...

Loki Motive said...

My God!
Why, they next thing you know they'll be asking me what my annual household income is or even my ethnicity! What depths will the government's demographic inquiry sink to!

Amanda said...

Wait, now you're paranoid about the census?? (And you're paranoid about its asking how many bathrooms your house has??)

Yikes, Ginny.

(Side note: I love how conservatives hate civil liberties and privacy laws...until the democrats are in power. Neat.)

Anonymous said...

F'in hilarious. This has NOTHING to do with Obama. This is the census, planned out for years. This data is made available to EVERYONE, not just the president or his administration. You can download the data yourself at Census.gov. And of course the government counts more than just people - where have you been for the past 200 years? This is how the government helps understand where certain programs and services should be targeted, etc.

This is such a joke, I don't know how anyone can take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously starting to wonder about Ginny's mental state.

amelia said...

I have just returned from a week's vacation in Wisconsin and I was heartily disappointed that it wasn't nearly as hilarious as this blog. The fried cheese curds were pretty magical, though.

Paige said...

Doesn't census information help determine the best use of your hard-won "tax payer dollars?"

Local MLIS student said...

Did you even bother to read the notes in the document Questions Planned for the 2010 Census and American Community Survey [PDF-1.6MB], which explains quite clearly why this information is being collected? Eish.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should all just ignore this blog and remove all of our links to it, allowing it to disappear back into the blogohole from which it came...

Mike said...

Letting this blog die its natural death and go back into obscurity would be the best for all involved. Sadly, Ginny will continue to thrust her ignorance and intolerance onto all of us for as long as she breaths. As she does so she will continue to waste taxpayer dollars on ORR snipe hunts that prove nothing. Finally she will continue to make West Bend a laughingstock.

beesbess said...

Ginny, I remember when I was a kid- some thirty years ago in NY- sitting on the porch with my mom when the census guy came around. He asked the same questions (not the cell phone stuff naturally.) I don't think it is that much different than it used to be. Have you ever done one before?

Anonymous said...

Time for the Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Anonymous said...

I prefer fried curds and a beer, but I see what you're getting at.

Amanda said...

Also, in case anyone is confused: this is NOT the census form everybody will be getting. This is the American Community Survey, which is sent out to roughly 1% of all households in the U.S. in any given year.

And even if you get one, Ginny, if it makes you feel better, nobody's ever actually gotten in trouble for refusing to fill it out (in whole or in part). So you're safe from, uh, having the government know about your plumbing. (Which, if your house has ever been inspected, they know about anyway! Way to worry about reasonable things.)

Tom H. said...

What ignorance is evidenced by this posting! Read more before posting such tripe. First, not all people get the "full" questionnaire. Most get the short version. Secondly, the personally identifiable data isn't accessible until 72 years AFTER the census is taken. And there is no connection at all to Obama. Interestingly one of the most hotly debated categories has to do with sexual orientation. Conservatives don't want gay people counted as gay and certainly don't want gay couples counted. It gets in their way and allows them to throw around their own "numbers" in an effort to continue their persecution. Another hot area is race, for obvious reasons. And lastly, the most egregious act of misuse was by the wartime and Macarthy-era conservative administration FBI when it was rounding up information about people of Japanese descent and "communists." Not a nice period of our "free" nation's history.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's give government more power, cause their so good at running things.

I love waiting in line at the DMV only to be told to wait in another line.

I love calling the IRS I get right through only to press 1, then 3 then 4 then zero to speak to someone.

Smaller government means we have control over our own lives.

Anonymous said...

"Smaller government means we have control over our own lives"

RIght, so keep the city council out of the library management business and let me control my (and my kids) own lives.

Anonymous said...

"RIght, so keep the city council out of the library management business and let me control my (and my kids) own lives."

HAHA! True dat!

Anonymous said...

OOOOooOOOoOOo threats. Now that's just typical isn't it?

Yeah...and let's give power back to the community and let them decide. Word!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Hahn at Home said...

As usual, Ginny, you are ranting erratically. Obama is not responsible for the census. I think you can even Google that, can't you?

Really, Ginny - have you considered getting some help for your paranoia?

Anonymous said...

How dare the government control you but your word should be the governing voice when it comes to what other people's children should read?

Really? You're really going there? Really????

AHAHAHA. That's hilarious.

Marjorie said...

I love how many of the people who were so supportive of warrantless wiretapping are now freaking out about the census.

Tap people's phones without any evidence that they are any kind of criminal or terrorist, fine. But ask people about their plumbing--oh noes!!!

Interestingly, the word 'censor' derives from the ancient Roman office of Censor. The Censor was responsible for a) conducting the census and b) supervising public morality.

Just find it interesting that Ginny is so happy appointment herself to role b, and is so offended by role a