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Thursday, July 23, 2009

ADF and WI Family Action file suite against DOYLE for sneaking domestic partnership registry into BUDGET

Oh yes, he did.

This morning WFC’s sister organization, Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) filed a petition for an original action with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, through their attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund and ADF-allied attorneys Richard Esenberg and Michael Dean of First Freedoms Foundation, asking for a permanent injunction against the statewide, same-sex domestic partnership registry authored by Gov. Doyle in the state budget.

WFA’s press release explains that the petitioners, WFA board members Julaine Appling, Jerry Hiller and E. Lee Webster, and their attorneys believe the registry violates the Wisconsin Marriage Protection Amendment, approved by 1.2 million Wisconsin voters in November, 2006 (59.4% to 41.6%).


kayeffdee said...

I just read about you and your hate campaign on CNN. You are an absolute psychopath, an embarrassment and a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of my governor for being socially progressive and accepting the rights of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Diamond Jim Doyle...known for doing what serves Diamond Jim Doyle best.

Diamond Jim Doyle....never met a tax increase or fee increase he didn't like.

Diamond Jim Doyle...friend to BIG Unions, friend to WEAC, friend to the casinos.

Diamond Jim Doyle...giving convicted criminals a get out of jail free card.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could see how ignorant and hateful you are, because I love you. I love you like a parent loves their ne'er-do-well child. I see the potential for love and acceptance, forgiveness and understanding, as it writhes and struggles to free itself inside you. If you call yourself a christian then please open yourself to Christ's love.

Hahn at Home said...

And, once again, Ginny, you make this seem SO important - providing safety and protection to families who just happen to be different than yours (and for that I thank GOD). In what possibly moral view could it be wrong to afford all families the same benefits? Not different. Different is providing such things to only one group which fits in with a no longer valid construct of family.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Lor, this is what is wrong...

Tucking the domestic partnership registry into a STATE BUDGET nonetheless, like a spineless coward.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you mean people different from me are allowed to pursue happiness? No way! Let's start a mob and burn some witches, books and homosexuals!

Sam said...

Okay, seriously. how is this budget proposal that includes domestic partnerships for gay couples related to your cause for safe libraries?

For one, our governor isn't a spineless coward. He is a brave man to include the necessary protections for gay couples in his budget proposal. Its a crying shame that gay marriage isn't even legal in our state. The domestic partnerships only include a small fraction of the hundreds of benefits that straight married couples currently have. 43 rights to be exact. Not even close to gay marriage or civil unions.

Its people like you who continue to think gay people and gay couples are second class citizens. I feel sorry for your closed minded view of the world that gays don't deserve to be happy because you refuse to understand that being gay is not a choice. It never was for me.



"Okay, seriously. how is this budget proposal that includes domestic partnerships for gay couples related to your cause for safe libraries?"

Um....it doesn't?

Was it supposed to?

beesbess said...

Sam- it relates because the orignal complaint to the library was about "balancing the YA collection"- with literature about people who have left the gay "lifestyle", as opposed to only allowing "gay-affirming" books. I used the quotes for two reasons- 1) they are in the orignal complaint, and 2)I don't think being gay is a lifestyle, or a choice and I don't think anything is wrong with being gay-affirming. I'm proud of our Govenor and legislature for understanding that all partners, gay or straight, should be able to care for one another legally.

Epsilon Indi said...

Domestic Partnership registration has to due with taxes = has to do with budget

would you rather this be filed in the grand wisconsin court of homosexual affairs or something

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a Christ-like attitude towards your fellow man, Ginny. Jesus would be ashamed of you.

I wouldn't care, since I don't believe in god(s), but if you do, I don't see how you can be so uncharitable towards your fellow man. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Epsilon, you're on the right track. I know the registry allows partners to inherit property from one another, but I dont know if it exempts them from state inheritance tax. I know it doesn't at the federal level. In any case, registered couples will not be able to jointly file their state taxes under this plan.

However, it should be clear why this is in the budget. Simple, really. Couples who register will pay a fee, just as couples to be married pay for a marriage license. A fee is a revenue stream which should be estimated and included in the budget.

Jackson said...

Wow, I am delighted to see the number of people who actually showed up to your blog to trash you. Can I add one? Pleeease?

Every time a queer person is brutally murdered, that's blood on your hands. My people die so you can complain that we live.