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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friends for Life at WB Farmer's Market THIS Saturday

Friends For Life will be at the Farmer's Market in West Bend this Saturday. They are a pro-life ministry helping woman and teens facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Volunteers will be on hand to share with the community and answer questions.

Cookies and other refreshments will be available.

You can learn more about Friends for Life at their website - www.LifeChoicesWC.com


Joe said...

Great!! I haven't heard of this group but I will pass on the info.

-- lifeblog.scrtl.com

John Jost said...

I may just go straight to and from my cup of coffee at St. Somewhere.

Wait, no: I'll walk by and laugh.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...


While I agree that you have a right to your opinion about ths and other controversial issues, I find your comment despicable.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at life? Are you serious?