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Monday, August 25, 2008

West Bend Referendum Questions Formed - $108K on the BILL

It's official.

According to Brian Brewer from R.W. Baird, voting "yes" for both referendum questions will cost taxpayers in the ball park (pun intended....get it? Brewer - ball park?)of $108,800,000. I confirmed this with him after tonight's School Board meeting. He states the interest is based on an approximated 5% over 20 years. As interest rates fluctate, we could see an increase/decrease in the amount of interest at the tune of $8K per 1%.

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Mom said...

AND, the DPI has given its approval for the student code of conduct that Elmbrook Schools has written. It cites state codes and statutes as our district says they are looking for. IT IS A WIN, WIN FOR ALL.
Elmmbrook's policy:
1. protects ALL students from harassment WITHOUT labeling certain groups of students for SPECIAL protection
2. Cites state statutes and codes
3. Is current; it was reviewed just 2 years ago
4. Was given the thumbs up by DPI
5. Has the essence of a great policy that will be acceptable to ANY reasonable person in the community

The Board would be fools to overlook this one!