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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jackson Elementary Principal Resigns -

Jackson Elementary School Principal Jeff Baas, charged with misdemeanor resisting an officer after receiving his first drunken driving ticket for an incident in June, resigned on Monday.

Superintendent Patricia Herdrich would not say if Baas would have been fired had he not resigned..............

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Baas, according to the criminal complaint, was found at 11:03 p.m. June 5 attempting to drive away in his car..............

The officer fired the Taser a second time, and Baas rolled onto his back, still not complying with the officer’s instructions, putting his arms out to his sides. Backup officers arrived and helped handcuff Baas and take him into custody.

This is the second time in three years Baas has had interactions with police.

Among other requirements, Baas was ordered to take an anger management class and attend batterer’s intervention counseling. The charge of misdemeanor damage to property was dropped in March 2006 after Baas complied with all the court’s terms and conditions.


The district hired Baas in summer 2005. Had it known of the anger management requirement, Superintendent Patricia Herdrich said the district would have received legal advice before hiring Baas. Baas had disclosed the court case in the interview process and the district deemed the incident would not impact job performance. (WHAT???)

Baas was clearly the top candidate for the job, Herdrich said. (As opposed to WHO? Saddam?)

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