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Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin gets thumbs up...

I have been reading a lot of blog "stuff" and it seems that lefties are pushing the "inexperience" button to try to crush the Palin choice of McCain. I have also seen posts that are putting McCain in the grave before his term ends. (I must admit, that has me amused...).

Let's begin with the latter. Here are some statistics to put everyone at ease.

Presidents who became President by succession:
Chester A Arthur
Calvin Coolidge
Millard Fillmore
Gerald R Ford
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon B Johnson
Theodore Roosevelt
Harry S Truman
John Tyler

There have been 43 presidents of the United States. That is a not-so-whopping 18% of successive VP's. RELAX EVERYBODY!

Now, let's talk about Palin:

She has a lot going for her, in my opinion. Here are some examples:
1. Nobody hates her.
2. She satisfies the "woman" issue (weak, but this is important to SOME)
3. She has a social rapport with social conservatives AND libertarian republicans.
4. She's pro life.
5. She's pro gun.
6. She's pro family.
7. She has vetoed wasteful goverment expenditures.
8. She has the necessary background and expertise to address gas prices.
9. She has produced change in her own political circle that Obama cannot lay claim to.
10.She is a refreshing face on the McCain campaign.
11.Nobody hates her.

I read a blogger who referred to the Democrats who are rolling over and playing dead with their party with the nomination of Sarah Palin as MCCAINOCRATS.

Nicely said. Welcome!

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