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Monday, August 11, 2008

Complaint filed, rejected - Plot Thickens...

On July 6, the Williams emailed a written complaint
about Herdrich over whether or not 31 referendum options were available on the
district Web site during the recent community survey period.

The Williams developed an alternate, $29 million
referendum plan on their own this spring that was revised into a $34 million
plan. They wanted to know if that was one of the 31 options.
District legal opinion found no “intentional misleading
or unresponsive communication” from Herdrich in regards to that complaint.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://activepaper.olivesoftware.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=V0JETi8yMDA4LzA4LzExI0FyMDAxMDA=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom

Let's go to the top of the story now..... Mr. Williams says he has issues with Dr. Herdrich's conduct, states such to the School Board, then is chastised by Mr. Carlson (the attorney calls it "warning") publicly and "feels intimidated" by said School Board. The attorney says "sorry, can't find evidence of this".

Well, here you go -

Mr. Williams is not alone. I, too, filed a formal complaint regarding this survey. I brought up the same issue as Mr. Williams regarding the 31 options not being posted, as promised, for those taking the survey. As well, I listed numerous other lacks of survey integrity, such as those stated by Mr. Williams, and more.

Read blog report: http://wissup.blogspot.com/2008/07/on-line-referendum-surveys-dont-count.html

and School Board response below:


I am responding to you as one Board Member. I am confident in the work performed for the district on the survey after our review on Monday night and felt that we asked questions on Monday to address your concerns and the concerns of others which were raised. The survey is valid as we learned from the answers and the cost for doing a survey to get the input from thousands of taxpayers is the most cost effective way to do this. I respect your opinions and your right to disagree. Pat would you copy my response to the rest of the board.

Thanks, Joe

Joe Carlson


Now let's address the "intimidation" suggestion by Mr. Williams, then YOU decide.

Mr. Williams has, time and again, presented the lengthy proposal, complete with facts and figures, done on his own time, on behalf of the taxpayers. I am not particularly endorsing the plan (and not particularly dismissing it, either), but I am "appreciating" the efforts on his and his wife's part to save taxpayer's money and find a suitable referendum that could feasibly pass and do some "damage control" from past lack of integrity issues concerning building maintenance, and the lack thereof.

I personally witnessed the school board ignore Mr. Williams as he sat and waited for an opportunity to present the tweaked referendum proposal. This, after being told by the School Board at a previous work session that he needed to meet certain criteria. He was never afforded the opportunity, though he did comply with their requests. This, alone, gives taxpayers/citizens the "idea" that the Board is not interested in what they have to say.

Moving right along, you can see by the response to the survey issues that neither Mr. Williams or myself were able to obtain any satisfaction for the faulty and unethical referendum survey. Here again.... "Not listening"

Now, let's talk about public slander. The School Board did not like the fact that I had numerous questions and requests regarding the recently rewritten harassment policy, as well as survey and referendum issues. In order to make informed decisions, I asked questions and requested information per Open Records requests. The Board, in a taped, public session, mentioned me by name and complained about my "costs" to the district because of my "38 emails", blah, blah, blah. (Mind you, some of those were simply "thanks for your help", or "could you clarify that", or "sorry you aren't feeling well today", but never mind the details...). This went from public slander in the Board room and on closed circuit television, right to the WB News for all to see. Know what I heard (from many, many people)? "I'll NEVER address the School Board in public if that is what they are going to do in public!" and the like.

These are only a FEW words of factual information. Maybe someone ELSE ought to review the complaint by Mr. Williams. Someone not directly tied to a paycheck by the School District.

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