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Friday, August 22, 2008

New Polling Place in West Bend - Church/State Complainers

What the heck.

High voter turnout for the fall election has already effected the city, two weeks before the primary and more than two months before the general election. The Common Council decided to move the District 3 polling place based on congestion problems at City Hall in past elections.

Dobberstein asked whether it would be appropriate to postpone the decision in order to give time to District 3 residents who may be uncomfortable voting in a church.


Schanning said when she posted that question of church-and-state separation on a municipal officials’ list serve, she was amazed how many polling stations are held in religious facilities.


Several villages and towns in Washington County use churches as polling places. If voters had strong objections, they could vote via absentee ballot, she said.



How about this?

If voters have a "problem" with voting in a building that belongs to a church, they can just simply stay home.

I am so sick of the separation of church and state bias being used and abused.

"For those who cringe when politics and the church are mentioned in the same sentence, just let me say this...if you care about your family, your children, grandchildren, and the kind of country they’ll inherit after your gone, (if God forbid there’s still a country left) then you’d better get over the “separation of church and state”." - RAY LEWIS

It's a BUILDING, for cryin' out loud! Thanks, First Baptist, for allowing the community to come in and trample all over your nice, new building. Your example of unselfishness is a testimony to West Bend.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's a great idea... I suppose the right-wing bigots would love it if free-thinkers did not vote.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Anonymous, anonymous. Wherefore art thou, anonymous?

Words, words, but never a name.