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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackson Elementary in Jeopardy

Here's the problem.

Referendum Question #1 includes: Maintenance, updates, etc., for some WB area middle and elementary schools.

Referendum Question #2 includes: Maintenance and expansion of Badger Middle School.

Referendum Question BLUNDER includes: Jackson Elementary School is attached to Referendum Question #1.

Here's the solution: Separate Jackson Elementary School out as a separate referendum question.

Why does leaving it tagged on to Question #1 jeopardize the passing of this referendum?

1. The average citizen that is not in favor of building a new school until the enormous burden of the neglected maintenance in West Bend schools is dealt with will not vote YES.
2. Just because people want to vote for updates does not mean they want a new school shoved down their throats in the process.
3. If the taxpayers vote this down because the "two became one", then it will be all the longer before Jackson ever sees a school.

JACKSON - are you listening?

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