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Monday, August 4, 2008


Ok, so here is my take, for what it is worth. I sat through the entire roundtable CFAC-2 meeting tonight and here are the ups and downs:

What I liked:
Pat Herdrich's statement "Removing the pool [Badger] would be a direct savings to the taxpayers." (See savings $$ below.)

Randy Stark (developer)saying time and again to be "forthcoming" with the community because a "second referendum is closer than you think".

Randy Stark (yes, again) pushing the team to consider long-term goals, identifying and listing costs and playing devil's advocate.

Todd Miller chairing the committee without giving any forceful opinions or pushing any agenda. Just guided it along smoothly. Nice job.

Listening to Joe Carlson state that the new and improved referendum is currently being reworked "because of our economic environment". Something the community has been saying all along. Let's do what we can "afford"....and what is "necessary"..

I didn't have to hear "It's Badger or nothing" yet one more time.

What I DIDN'T like:
When the new ideas were finally placed on an easel (an overhead projector was available), nobody could read them. Sorry, but I like convenience.

Hearing that the City of West Bend won't take up a portion of the obligation for Badger Pool, though it is a service to the West Bend Community. (It costs the District $100,000/yr. to maintain the pool.) What is up with THAT?

The fact that the round table was never introduced to the "audience" (us onlookers) as I have noted as a courtesy in the past. I'd like to know who the red-headed guy is that talks a lot. (I'd also like to see Randy mentor him.) I am sure it was an oversight, but it left me wondering who some of the the more verbal gentlemen were.

The meeting ended with four skeletal choices being narrowed down. They included things such as:
Keep Badger and put on an addition
Dump Badger and put up a new school
Land only for Jackson
Land AND school for Jackson
Additions on Silverbrook, Decorah and Fair Park
Keep the Pool at Badger
Dump the pool at Badger

Final cost estimates are being reworked and will be presented at the next work session on August 11.

The public is invited to attend. BE INFORMED.

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