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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rumors and Speculation - Hers or Not?

I can't believe that there is so much hoopla over whether Sarah Palin's Down syndrome baby is hers or not. What does that have to do with the vice presidential candidacy? I am trying to understand the connection. Really I am. Just can't connect those dots.

Asking for medical records and "proof" of the baby's birth is insulting and an invasion of privacy.

But I guess the dems will stop at nothing, not even something this low, to tack SOMETHING on to her name that might cost a couple of votes. I say...."it ain't worth it."


Anonymous said...

If, and that is a big "IF" it would not be her baby, I guess it would have an effect in that she would have been presented as something she is not, namely a mother of five, etc. Kind of pathetic that whoever is spreading this would do it on "speculation" & not facts. But facts are sometimes inconvenient to the lefties.

As to medical records, (and I know she isn't running for President), wasn't Bill Clinton the only modern President who refused to release his medical records?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Warren Harding, who hid his heart disease, died of heart failure during his first term in office.

Woodrow Wilson, who hid his chronic circulatory disease and high blood pressure, suffered a major stroke in office. His condition was not made public, and his wife and closest advisers ran the administration. Historians believe his incapacitation during negotiations contributed to the United States not joining the League of Nations.
Franklin Roosevelt, who had long concealed his polio, hid the hypertension and heart failure that he developed during his third term. He died during his fourth term, after showing signs of mental impairment while participating in major events such as the Yalta conference with Joseph Stalin.

John F. Kennedy suffered from many conditions, including Addison's disease, an incurable disorder of the adrenal glands. His personal physician lied to the country, saying "John Kennedy has not, nor has he ever had...Addison's disease."

More presidents have died of assassinations than of medical conditions.