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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thompson hijacks AFP Tea Party event - McKenna lends 2 cents

I went to the Madison TEA Party today.  More out of curiosity than anything, you could say.  Weather certainly cooperated.  Crowd was being estimated at 10,000, but I believe that was a bit inflated.  You can read about the event HERE.

Tommy Thompson used the event to draw attention to himself and publicly state he would not be running for governor.  (Good.)

I took lots of pics and will post some of them below.  





Kristina said...

Off topic but I am not sure if you are aware that there is a homeless shelter in town. They help people find apartments and get back on their feet. I think it's on 8th Ave and don't quote me but I think it's call Halperin house and I think it's near Holy Angels. Just an FYI if you have things left over after the fire victims distribution. Most of the people there have lost their homes due to loosing their jobs.

In case those running the drive will be looking for what to do with things that may be left over it's an option anyway.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Hebron House. The offer was extended and, as far as I know, they came and were able to get assistance. There are a number of other homeless shelters within West Bend and these have been included in the offer of assistance as well now that the families have finished taking what they need. The coordinators have kept everything within the Washington County area and given back to the community with the exception of some furniture, which the Red Cross asked to be donated to other fire victims in Sheboygan.

Call Me Mom said...

I wish I had known you would be there. There were two first time attendees on our bus. I asked them how they enjoyed the "angry violent mobs" on the way home. We had a good chuckle.
I'm pretty sure the folks Kyle decribed on her blog with the Feingold signs were the same ones I mentioned on mine.