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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Menomonee Falls Library CENSORING Children's Artwork

Curtsy to Randy Melchert -

Listen to Mark Belling talk about it (MP3 – Part 1) (MP3 – Part 2) (MP3 – Part 3)

Menomonee Falls Public Library is holding a parochial art fair this month:

Keep in mind that libraries are opposed to censorship (this pix was taken today in West Bend’s library):


Let’s see what’s so controversial!


Unfortunately, the judging for this art show has already taken place and the children who had their artwork tossed will no longer be eligible for an award.  Yet another librarian confused about who she serves.  The taxpayers are the ones these librarians represent, yet they continue to censor books, and now children's artwork.  Shameful.

Keeping an open ear....

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