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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Election Results will appear HERE

Currently, after retrieving voter numbers from all of the local polling places, we are up to 10% voter turnout.

Personally visited Town of Jackson, where they were heavily staffed and super-friendly.

Village of Jackson volunteers were some really nice folks, as well.  Someone outside of the polling place had a van parked in the lot with RECALL posters on the windows.  She was handing out flyers to recall Village Board members Scott Mittelsteadt and Jeff Brandner for their  push to disband the police department and other financial accusations on the flyer.  They were also asking people to sign a recall petition.  I believe you only need 25% of the voters who voted in the previous election to get the recall onto a referendum, so I guess that's what she was attempting.

Town of West Bend, Town of Trenton - all rather quiet, but again, volunteers were great people!

Stay tuned for updates on election results.

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