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Thursday, April 29, 2010

West Bend Mayor Puts Opposition to City Council up for Library Board Appointment

On May 3rd, THIS MONDAY NIGHT, the Common Council will be asked to vote "yes" to Mayor Kris Diess' appointment of liberal Molly Zuehlke to the library board.  Please read the excerpts below from Ms. Zuehlke's own blog.  Is this the best that Mayor Diess can do?  Is this appropriate?  Or is it assurance that the library board will continue to stay filled up with the same-old/same-old?  We all know the answer to that one.  Contact your alderman.  Tell him to vote NO.  We already know that Deb Anderson will rubber-stamp this one:


Just venting.

Last night the common council of west bend voted to not approve the mayor's appointments to the library board in direct compliance with few loud, opinionated and censorship minded individuals. They say it only takes about twelve contacts to the alderman in a city to sway them one way or another (and the Maziarka's have shown us maybe it is even less), so let's let them know that we are disappointed in those who voted with Maziarka's and the small minority who think it's the city's job to legislate morality.

Here is the article in the WB News.

Here is what the Maziarkas had to say about last night. (what are these people really asking for anyway? and keep in mind they choose not to follow through with any formal complaint, so what action is the library supposed to take?)

So contact your alderman (you can find them here) or for that matter all five who voted against these appointments, and let them know that we have voices too.


Molly Zuehlke

Ticked-off West Bend Citizen.

and this:

John and I feel like we live in a REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY conservative area, and sometimes get a little disheartened about the atmosphere of judgment that surrounds us. But we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout at the the Democrats of Washington County Headquarters opening. Lots of people. A little diversity. And lots of, that's right I'm going to say it, hope. I think we've caught a little of it. The kids made a great little sign for their window that says "Kids for Obama" We're contemplating knocking on doors here, but I'm slightly nervous about literally getting a shot gun pulled on me. Anyway, I'm sure we'll get to it. Make ourselves useful. At least when the bigots win, we can say we tried. (Could I be more blunt? I know, you're used to it. It's Molly.)


SafeLibraries said...


"They say it only takes about twelve contacts to the alderman in a city to sway them one way or another (and the Maziarka's have shown us maybe it is even less)."

What, you're not supposed to talk to your aldermen in West Bend without being criticized? And this is the freedom of speech people?

When the mayor appointed her, was she aware of these statements, these personal attacks? I hope not.

Elena said...

SafeLibraries, what is wrong with Molly Zuehlke's statements? How is anything in them a personal attack, and on whom?

What I get out of these blog posts is that she's saying:

1) the alderman voted not to reappoint the people to the library board last year, possibly swayed by a few emails/calls from constituents (and, reading between the lines, deciding to get rid of them because of a disagreement with their support of library patrons' rights to choose reading material, rather than deciding on whether or not they are qualified candidates)

2) the Maziarkas' complaint continually changed. This has been well-documented.

3) she's happy to have found like-minded people in her community.

Those aren't personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Censorship, like charity, should begin at home; but unlike charity, it should end there. ~ Clare Boothe Luce

I relish the fact that we live in a country where every citizen can say what they think, write what they feel and participate in their community.

Government cannot and should not solve every problem or disagreement, and I applaud both Ginny and Molly for their willingness to participate in the 'system' and try to be part of the solution.

That being said, I fully understand Molly's frustrations, agree with her stance on this issue and hope for the confirmation of her appointment. Good luck, Molly!

charliedog said...

When I was a young teenager, I was able to learn a lot about physical encounters with the opposite sex, thanks to libraries. I'm sure glad that you are willing to stand up to these sensors to keep these type of reading materials from being labeled or moved to the adult section.

We certainly don't want books treated like other forms of expression, such as movies, where they check youngster's IDs in order to gain access to movies deemed "adult only". Now, if only someone had stood up to the motion picture rating system idea, your good fight could help teenagers, not only check out controversial reading materials, but also checkout movies with content that fuels their pubescent curiosities