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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

West Bend City Council Removes 30-Year Veteran and Board President, Barbara Deters, from Library Board

I attended the West Bend City Council meeting and watched the alderpersons swear in.  I stayed for the mayoral appointments to various councils and boards.  A number of interesting bones of contention were on the slate tonight.

As most will recall, Barbara Deters, the library board president who led the revolt against the citizens of West Bend during the issue concerning sexually explicit books for minors, was named for reappointment by Mayor Kris Deiss.  Alderman Michael Schlotfeldt took issue with this reappointment and asked to have Deters removed from the blanket vote of all library board reappointments on the agenda.  As a result, the discussion went around the table.  You can watch for yourself:

After all had their say, the vote was taken:

I would applaud Alderman Schlotfeldt for keeping track of the issues concerning Deters, bringing them to the forefront, and requesting consequences for behavior.  Five of the seven aldermen present tonight (Nick Dobberstein was absent) agreed with Schlotfeldt and the vote went down 5-2 to remove Deters from the board.  An excellent decision.

Next issue that seemed to ruffle some feathers were the Planning Commission and Redevelopment Authority. Newly sworn-in alderman, Ed Duquaine requested Jed Dolnick be removed from the Planning Commission.  He felt that Dolnick's views did not necessarily represent the City of West Bend.

Alderman Steve Hutchins wanted Atty.  Doug Fitzgerald and Mike Palm removed from the Redevelopment Authority as he felt it was time for new ideas and new blood.

Both Duquaine and Hutchin's requests were voted down.

New alderwoman Deb Anderson likes rubber stamps.

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Elena said...

I really have a hard time finding any logic in Michael Scholtfeldt's statements, or understanding what he's trying to say. Is he actually speaking in complete sentences and finishing his thoughts? Barbara Deters and the entire library board of whatever year that selected the roofer for the new library, but they can't be blamed if it was done incorrectly or if poor materials were used. That's the roofer's fault, and/or a problem with the building design. It makes no sense to hold Barbara solely accountable for that, which is what he seems to do. And her personal attacks on the council? There were none.

I find it funny that he mentions things she might have said in library board meetings as being unprofessional, yet he never spoke out against Terry Vrana when he compared the library to a porn shop and thereby tarnished the reputation of the city/district he was elected to serve. Nice.