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Monday, July 21, 2008

West Bend School District Referendum Issues

I am not set against a referendum that lends appropriate facts to the situation it presents. I believe in the practical use of taxpayer money to update facilities and increase technological capabilities in order to enhance the school district learning environment. The term "good stewardship" comes to my mind when addressing any referenda calling for increased taxation, especially in an area that pays plenty of taxes already.

One fact that I cannot seem to get around is posted directly on the West Bend School District Website. While the School Board is stating they expect a huge influx of students in the years to come, the past statistical graph (on their website) shows differently. Our school attendance began to drop in 1995 and has NEVER RECOVERED.

Expenditure on those things that are "practical" makes sense. The referendum being presented goes beyond practical. And it is not backed up with "facts" that coincide with the stated projections.

If you don't do your homework concerning this referendum, expect to open your pocketbook nice and wide. And don't blame the school board/facilities committee if it passes.

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