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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

West Bend School Board Complains About Taxpayers

In both the policy-writing session and the school board meeting last night in West Bend, there were loud complaints of how the taxpayers have cost the school district $8,000. All because of their inquisition regarding the harassment policy.

The School Board also resented the "38 emails" sent by at least one taxpayer over the period of the last month. I happen to know that, when divided, those emails were sent to the "appropriate" sources, then turned over to someone else to handle, causing the email volume to double and triple. I also happen to know that many of those emails were simply one sentence, such as "Could you please clarify that as I don't understand?" Many emails had to be reworded time and again to refine a search process a the School Board was bucking Open Records requests. You see, when taxpayers ask questions, it is not appreciated and it is made known publicly, such as in last night's instance.

I guess I would rather see our district spend $8,000 now than HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars later in a law suit.

Taxpayers, parents, citizens - KEEP ASKING

Contact information for the West Bend School Board:Superintendent:
Patricia Herdrich = 262-334-5820 or pherdrich@west-bend.k12.wi.us
President: Joe Carlson = 262-334-1042 or jkcarlson@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Vice President: Kathy Van Eerden kvaneerden@west-bend.k12.wi.us
John Duwell: 262-338-2024 or jduwell@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Kris Beaver: 262-677-3412 or kbeaver@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Mike Weston: 262-338-2251 or mweston@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Bruce Koenig: 262-335-2408 or bkoenig@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Todd Miller: tmiller@west-bend.k12.wi.us


mark west said...

I'm glad you homeschooled, I wouldn't have wanted my children exposed to your bigotry and hate. People like you make Jesus weep. Jesus preached love and tolerance. The Bible also says do not judge. You seem to have made yourself Judge and Jury. I will pray for your soul.

Ginny said...

I am glad I homeschooled, too. It gave me the opportunity to teach my children what God says about how to live and how to share what He has to say about His love for all of us. Thank you for your offer to pray for me. I will pray for you, as well.