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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

West Bend School Board Puppet Theater

This is a response from Mike Weston, school board member, who is also on the West Bend School District's policy-writing committee. I asked him if he was aware of Wis. Stat. 120.13 that discusses how policy-writing committee's are formed. (I asked EACH of the p.w. members, actually). Here is his comment:


I have read your emails and am responding only to say that due to the volume of open record requests we have been receiving I asked Dr. Herdrich some time ago to respond on behalf of the Policy Committee. We as School Board members have our other careers and obligations to contend with an addition to our work on the Board. I hate to say it but Dr. Herdrich is more versed than we are with the Policy’s and State Statutes because she does this full time, and she has the staff to assist her. We are legally obligated to have a harassment policy in place and we as a Policy Committee will abide by the Wisconsin State Statutes to protect all children of the School District. The policy is currently being re-drafted by our attorney and will be available for your perusal as soon as we receive it back.

Mike Weston"

I guess when one is elected to the school board they turn over complete trust to the superintendent who "is more versed in policies and statutes". I guess the fact that I had a part in electing them means I should turn my "trust" over to them. (NOT) Everyone needs to do their own homework.

Each Board member is directly accountable to the taxpayers....not the staff who are acting like puppet masters and pulling all the strings behind the scenes.

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