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Saturday, July 5, 2008

West Bend Referendum Survey - A Waste

(West Bend Daily News, July 5, Opinions)

West Bend Taxpayers watch out!!

The West Bend School Board sent out a Referendum Survey to all citizens in District No. 1 this week. This survey was to gather statistics to help them decide how to propose the referendum that considers the School District's facility needs. (The previous referendum failed, most likely due to the current feeling we all pay plenty of taxes already.)

I am sure you are most probably aware of this.Here is the flaw. Nobody is required to register to take this survey. Anyone can simply log on to http://west-bend.k12.wi.us and take the survey. Anyone. It doesn't matter who you are or where you live. The survey is fair game to all. So I am wondering, where is the system of checks and balances? How will we know if the survey information is truly coming from the local community, or beyond? How can we rely on a referendum question that is leaning on the input of people, but not really knowing if these people they are gathering information from truly reside in the district?

As far as I am concerned, this survey is null and void. The information gathered will be useless. Online statistics need to be thrown out and the survey removed from the district website.

West Bend Citizens, save yourself the time. Toss out the survey and tell the School Board you want them to revise the survey with referendum-pertinent questions and to add a registration code for the on-line version.

As a side note, why in the world do they need to know what Talk Radio show we listen to in order to gather information concerning facility needs? Where is the significance in the question? Strange! Perhaps if you read this on-line editorial http://www.gmtoday.com/milwaukeetoday/editorials/belling.asp, you'll be enlighted!

(PS - The above link is to a column that changes from week to week. Please see my previous post for Mark Belling's comment on the issue of Talk Radio.)

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