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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Citizen's Referendum Plan Ignored

At last night's West Bend School District work session, a patient Bart Williams waited by the sidelines as discussion ensued concerning the options in front of the School Board regarding the referendum. As the round table went on throughout the 3.5-hour session, Mr. Williams' revised and reduced referendum plan that was proposed formally last week was never discussed. Mr. Williams was never invited to share the information that he tweaked according to their requests.

Though the School Board states they "want" to hear from district residents, it is obvious by the issues concerning both the harassment policy and the referendum/survey that they do NOT.

Instead, the School Board listed one of their collective weaknesses as "Outside forces not understanding the demands of a school system or believing the needs."

Looks like WE are the "OUTSIDE FORCES".

I can agree with School Board President, Joe Carlson, on his statement from last night..."We have 7100 students who can't speak for themselves, but WE CAN."

I agree, Joe.
WE can.

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