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Friday, July 18, 2008

Absolutely true....

Opinion section, West Bend Daily News, July 18:

"I support the actions of the School Board and those members of the public who supported their actions regarding the hazing policy. Those individuals who disagreed with the policy were heard – and their arguments were respectfully rejected. My friend’s father has a sign on his refrigerator. It reads: “Beware the man who knows what God thinks.” Hazing – for any reason – is wrong. Congratulations to the board for affirming that fact. Mark Maley West Bend"

Way to go, Mark! You are 100% correct! Harassment, FOR ANY REASON, is wrong! Exactly our point! Thanks for confirming and standing with us on this important issue!


Anonymous said...

He was actually being critical of your point.

Ginny said...

Yes, I knew that. ;-)