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Friday, July 18, 2008

West Bend School Board Insists They Tried

Submitted by Joe Carlson, WB School Board President, to the West Bend Daily News on July 18:

"We have sought input from the community and researched the best options balanced between cost and a high quality education for all students. Through the variety of ways we have sought your input, you are helping shape our solutions to the facilities problem. Any solution that the board considers will have parts of it that you or this board may not like or will not fully address our immediate needs. Our final solution will be the one that takes the best of everything we have heard from every one of you."

The community cannot help "shape solutions" with one-sided, controlling surveys. So who decides what is the "best of everything we have heard"???? And what exactly is "best" anyway?

Entire article can be read here:

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