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Monday, October 12, 2009

West Bend School Board Meeting Stacked with WEACs - PART I

This is going to be multiple postings as I am going to provide video snips for your viewing pleasure.  The meeting was truly laughable, and obviously transparent.  It was kinda like showing up at a school assembly and listening to the teachers lament about a student that just died in a car accident or something.  The most frequently used five words?  "Tax us to the cap!"  Yes, I know.  It was the oddest thing.  All the people who are getting pay raises and hide behind their union were the ones to be vocal tonight.  An absolute misrepresentation of the community, unlike the meeting two weeks ago.  

Here is how the meeting began.  A little entertainment from the children's choir at Silverbrook Middle School.  Shame on the Superintendent and School Board President for exploiting innocent kids in the midst of a tax levy war.  (They were cute, though...)

Supt. Pat Herdrich introduced the meeting by blaming Madison/legislature, then ensuring all she had gone to fight on our behalf this week:


Austin said...

This meeting was no more misrepresented than the previous ones, you just weren't expecting that majority last night to have an opposing view to your own. This isn't about taxes, nor the wrongs of the school board. Its about how these cuts would affect our schools. Have you seen everything they are changing? Ten hour schedualing? Some kids barely have time to do their homework between school, extracurriculars, athletics and home life as it is. Extend this to 5 p.m. and there will either be a huge deciline in athletic and extracurricular participation, or kids will stay up till 2 a.m. every morning just to finish their classes.

We students want to protect our programs because they allow us to expand our interests. How would students know if their gifted in playing the clarinet, or the violin; if they're good at basketball or swimming. Without these programs being easily accessable, students will never be able to expand their horizons in life. Several students expressed their thoughts, opinions, and fears very articulately, something you failed to mention.

I understand that taxes are generally not a happy subject, but they are a necessary evil at best. Certain things are worth paying for, however, as expressed by many parents that gave their thoughts last night. They understand how negativly this will affect their kids, and they want to preserve the diversity of activities offered at our schools.

Also, your comment about lamenting over the death of a student is out of line and disrespectful in the extreme.

Aaron Drews said...

Do you not care about the students at all? Do you not think we're worth a small tax increase? If our programs are not properly maintained teens will have an increasinly harder time getting into college. Extracurriculars will not only become costly and decrease with ten hour scheduling and budget cuts, they will disappear completely. Is that what you want? We are the future of America whether you like it or not. I think it's sad that so many people these days are so unwilling to sacrifice for the future. If it were my kids facing this crisis, I would do all I could to ensure they got the best possible education, because I would know that's what is best for THEM, not for me.

Aaron Drews said...

I also seem to have forgotten the part where the overwhelming support for the tax levy was staged. Of course, I was probably brainwashed by the school district into thinking it was a good thing anyway so that would be why.