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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Banned Banner Decision Backfires

The banner is ousted and the Bible verse is banned from the playing field.  Instead, however, hundred of parents and students are bringing banners to the football games with their own verses, and wearing Christian T-shirts to boot.  Oh, the irony.


"Despite a large public outcry over its decision to censor Bible verse banners held by high school football cheerleaders on the playing field, a Georgia school board is refusing to change its mind. However, the controversial policy has compelled many students to passionately defend their free-speech rights and proclaim their Christian beliefs.

The Catoosa County Board of Education in Georgia decided last night that it will continue to ban Bible-verse banners held by cheerleaders on the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School football field. The ban was put in place after one woman complained the on-field banners violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.


"We felt a sense of accomplishment because now one sign turned into hundreds of signs that are displayed now in the stands in the stadium," says the youth pastor. "So we're happy with the end result that we've seen, the accomplishment we've seen, because this has turned into a national wave of support for Christ."

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Soapbox Jill said...

Ah, unexpected consequences are sometimes positive. It is so good to hear about GOOD results from a negative act. Thank God.