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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Assembly Bill 458 "Healthy Youth Act" a Farce - Testified against this in Madison today

Testimony in Opposition to Assembly Bill 458
Before the Assembly Committee on Education
October 5, 2009

I am addressing you today as both a mother and grandmother in our school district.  I am also a current member of the Human Growth and Development Committee in our school district, which is comprised of district administration, teachers, parents, clergy, business owners, health care professionals and taxpayers, all who have a vested interest in our community.  This year we worked as a collaborative team to identify the community standards of our district with regards to education in human growth and development for the youth within our district.  Those who gave their time to this important planning committee did so to maintain the strong values and community standards of our school district.  Together we made collaborative decisions concerning curriculum presented to students at each grade level.  Through research, sharing of information and open discussion we came to agreements on what we felt was most important to us as a community, and what fit best with State law.  We tailored this program to fit our school district, and I am proud of the efforts of those who are on this committee.  I can earnestly tell you this curriculum was not taken lightly as we know it affects the lives of our youth for years to come.  The freedom we have as a local community to recognize the strengths and weaknesses within our district’s schoolchildren is invaluable, and we are vehemently opposed to usurping parental and local control by any organizational or governmental strong arm.

Now, I address you as the president of the Eagle Forum of Wisconsin, Washington County Chapter.  As an advocate for parental rights, the protection of minors and strong family values in Washington County, I have spent countless hours among our taxpayers and citizens, confirming what we already know:  that our community wishes to maintain local control of its school curriculum and guide our children in a manner we feel, and know, is best for our school district. 

Wis. Statute 948.02(2) states that it is a Class C Felony for anyone to have sexual contact or engage in sexual intercourse with a person less than 16 years of age.  The financial, legal and lifelong consequences of prosecution for this offense should be the focus of the legislature, while allowing parents and local school district committees to work towards the goal of protecting minors according to community standards.

Note section 115.28(9m) in AB458 that mandates the Department of Public Instruction to apply for federal birth control money.  The Eagle Forum asks this question:  Is this the prelude to establishing taxpayer-funded sex clinics in Wisconsin’s schools?

The Eagle Forum of Wisconsin strongly opposes Assembly Bill 458.  Leave local control of Human Growth and Development intact, allow parents to continue parenting, and protect minors from lawful prosecution.

Pro-Life Wisconsin: Testimony in opposition to Assembly Bill 458: Providing instruction in human growth and development.

Wisconsin Family Council, Testimony in Opposition to Assembly Bill 458, Assembly Committee on Education, by Julaine K. Appling, President

Randy Melchert reports on the hearing HERE.  Melchert describes this testimony:  "Following a supporter of the bill, Matt Sande, Legislative Affairs Director for Pro Life Wisconsin, representing 35,000 Wisconsinites who were unable to make the hastily scheduled public hearing, spokeand about three minutes into his summary, the Chair cut him off. Following discussions among the committee, Sande was granted 15-20 seconds to finish his testimony. Rep. Leah Vukmir objected to the seemingly arbitrary time limits of the committee and confronted Rep. Pope-Roberts, who attempted to repeatedly gavel Rep. Vukmir into submission.

Here is the video:

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