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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New website "Support West Bend Schools" posted to push tax levy


Why are good schools important?

...."A high quality education is important for our childrens' future. However, good schools are important for more reasons than just the obvious.  Property values increase as more people desire to live within a particular school district.  Families with children are willing to pay more to live in a community where the schools have a good reputation.  Even home buyers who plan on using private schools or those without children benefit from communities with strong schools.  As long as a community maintains high-quality public schools, their property values will be more likely to rise.
When a school district cannot adequately fund their schools or fails to pass needed referenda, school quality will eventually decline and overcrowding will become an issue.  That community will begin to see homebuyers choosing to live elsewhere. We are already beginning to see this in West Bend as the real estate ads no longer advertise “West Bend Schools” as they have in the past.  Now the real estate ads read “Slinger Schools!”. "

The Last 2 School Board Meetings


Another School Board meeting was held on Monday, October 12 at Silverbrook Middle School.  Another large crowd showed up, however at this meeting the majority present was supportive of the levy increase and did not want to see cuts to educational programs or extracurriculars.  


The public was allowed to give input again, and 80 people had signed up to speak.  Although the School Board had to cut off speaking after 90 minutes, the majority of citizens who spoke supported the levy increase. 

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