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Monday, October 12, 2009

West Bend School District figures REVEALED

Tonight at 7PM the Regular Board of Education Meeting hosted by Silverbrook Middle School, 120 N. Silverbrook Drive.  Meeting will be held in the gymnasium.


The teachers union has requested all of the teachers to attend this and the remaining school board meetings.  They were embarrassed with being outnumbered at the tax levy vote a couple of weeks ago. 

(It appears there is a scheduled walk-out at the high school today for the students.  They are protesting combining the two high schools to one.  It seems that if a student does not want one school, they will walk out.  However, if a student walks out they will have some type of discipline placed onto their permanent record and they will not be allowed to go to the Homecoming dance this Saturday night.)  

The TEACHERS UNION is holding the teacher's close.  

KEEP IN MIND:  The teachers stand NOTHING TO LOSE with the tax levy we are being targeted for.  While West Bend School District taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill for a tax levy (the school board is going to propose 9% tonight), TEACHERS WILL RECEIVE ANNUAL PAY INCREASES. 

The recent letter from the School District states the government funding has decreased over the years.  NOT TRUE.  LIES ARE BEING TOLD.  FACTS TO BACK IT UP.  Read it here:

Curtsy Boots & Sabers (nice work):


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Austin said...

The "walk out" was largly condemned by teachers, the administration, and students. Also, teachers do indeed have something to lose as there is the possibility of cutting positions by putting more kids to a classroom and by restructuring the schedualing systems of the high schools and middle schools.

Scooter said...

Do you include in your tax #'s the increase in the levy amount due to increased home value? How will the tax revenue increase when home values decrease due to families leaving the community? At what point is the community responsible to provide the necessary funding for a the best education for its schools? For the record, teachers have been making concessions for the last 18yrs. They have opted out of the state insurance program and have negotiated higher deductables and copays to have a chance at a 1.5-2% raise. These concessions were made in the best of times and continue to be made now. Please don't single out and wage your war against the teacher's union at my children's expense. There are other union workers our tax dollars pay for as well.