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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hudson Library shares common bond of sexually explicit materials for minors with West Bend Library

'Library' Article Hit Close to Home
By Meredith Berg

EDITOR, Wisconsin Christian News:

I was saddened to read the front page article last month, (WCN Volume 10, Issue 5), regarding the efforts of a few people in West Bend who had the courage to fight against the entrenched (and evil) American Library Association, which supports every kind of filth and vulgarity in our libraries. The story reminded me of the failure in my hometown of Hudson, several years ago, when we attempted to do the same thing, but failed.


However, we had to file a “complaint” ahead of time in order to get on their agenda, and it was during this time that the local ACLU spokesperson and several of his left-leaning friends also “showed up” at the meeting.


But the average parent has no idea of the kind of sick, perverted material available to our young children in our public libraries! The American Library Association is NOT a government entity and they have no legal power to do what they do, much like the ACLU. However, they use their scare tactics, blaring “censorship” all over the newspapers and most people just back down and they win another one!

We feel your pain, Meredith. 


Aaron Drews said...

Ginny, how often do you utilize West Bend's public library?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Aaron, My family utilizes the library weekly.

Aaron Drews said...

And you feel that your family, or anyone in the community for that matter, is damaged physically, mentally, or emotionally by alleged "sexually explicit" material floating about in the children's section?