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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

West Bend School District Needs Rocket Scientist

The WB School Board is struggling to make budget cuts.  Maybe we could start with administration.  If the School Board was REALLY listening to ALL the taxpayers, they would have had this right by now.  C'mon, people, now, smile on your brother, everybody get together...  tell WEAC where to get off.

WB News today:

Board President Joe Carlson said that in the private sector a business owner would raise revenue to deal with increased costs - but the school district does not have that option. 

    “My business would not run if we had to cut our way to prosperity,” he said. 

    The only option for the school district to raise money, he said, is through an operational referendum. 

    “It’s not that easy to forward an operating referendum,” said board member Todd Miller. “Not in West Bend.” 

    Board member Lynn Corazzi said last fall the board was accused of not listening to taxpayers, but the people speaking at the meeting in favor of an operating referendum are taxpayers, too. 

Corazzi's statement is indicative of his campaigning strategy.  SAY you are listening to everyone, when really, you're not.  

What is board president Joe Carlson saying here?  Anyone else tired of hearing about comparison to his private sector business experience?  Gag.  Get with the program.

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