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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sexting banned at Hartford High School

Good, but here is the concern.  What exactly IS "sexually explicit"?  I mean, really.  Did the Hartford School District just CENSOR the students?  Uh oh.  Here come the FREE SPEECH ADVOCATES!  

(Pssst!  The list includes some of your favorite West Benders, like Dr. Paul Rice, Dr. Steve Engelbrecht, (what's with the eye docs, anyway?) - Kris Beaver (West Bend School Board!), Tom O'Meara III (former city alderman), Pastor Pam Marolla (Our Savior's Lutheran), Dr. Muth (General Clinic of WB), Mike Weston (former School Board member)......)

    Hartford Union High School may be the first district in the area to ban “sexting” — the use of cell phones and other devices to transmit sexually explicit photos. 

    The School Board bypassed a second reading and approved the proposal at its Monday night meeting, said Hartford Union High School Board President William Priegel. 

    “We realize this is only a start, this is new territory being charted by schools,” said Priegel. 

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