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Monday, March 1, 2010


The students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison agree to support the United Council of UW Students with a mandatory refundable fee of $2.00 per semester and $2.00 per summer session. The amount plus postage is refundable upon written request to the United Council of UW Students postmarked within 45 days of the first day of class. If this referendum passes, it will come up for reconsideration at least every two years. The fee may be adjusted between referenda by the Board of Regents.

Associated Students of Madison
Student Activity Center
Room 4301
333 East Campus Mall
Madison, WI  53715-1380

General phone: (608) 265-4276


Teacher Unions:

When you fill out your registration materials - check "Fair Share" - you will get back at least 25% of your Union dues, and up to 100% in certain areas.

Even if you're not a Fair Share payer, you can still get your political dues back:

"WEAC-PAC dues are also rebateable if a request is made in writing by October 30 or 60 days after joining, whichever is later. The refundable WEAC-PAC dues for teacher members are $19.99 ($10.00 for half-time members) and $10.00 for ESP members ($5.00 for half-time members). Individual refund requests should be made in writing to WEAC President Stan Johnson, P.O. Box 8003, Madison, WI 53708. WEAC will make rebates about November 30, and send a list of individuals receiving rebates to local presidents. Fair share payers automatically receive this rebate and need not request it."

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