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Saturday, February 27, 2010

West Bend School District - PLAY BALL!!!

It's going..........

    Teachers in the West Bend School District received a letter Friday afternoon from School Board members explaining the effect salary negotiations could have on the upcoming budget.

    The two-page letter, signed by each member of the school board, states that the “current collective bargaining process is going to directly impact the amount that has to be reduced for next year’s budget.”


It's going................

    School board vice-president Kathy Van Eerden said the letter was designed to connect directly with staff to talk about the budget as discussed earlier this week at a School Board work session. School board president Joe Carlson was unable to be reached in time for publication.

    “We wanted to share our concerns directly with staff members so it was clear to them the impact the reductions could potentially have,” she said.

    School board members also wanted staff to be fully informed about the potential implication of the association’s proposal on the budget, Van Eerden said.

    “We wanted the staff to be fully aware of the position the district finds itself in, and to emphasize the board’s commitment to the district and to acknowledge how much we value them and the work they do,” she said.


It's going...............

    The letter states:

    “We are committed to reaching a voluntary settlements and will work tirelessly to do so. However, the fiscal challenges facing our district are very real and will likely compound in the future....."


    Shelly Krueger, president of the West Bend Education Association, said she was still digesting the information.

    “I understand where the school board is coming from,” she said, but declined to comment further. 


Funny how Joe Carlson couldn't be reached for comment on his cell phone!  I don't believe I've ever witnessed that statement in our newspaper before!  

Funny how it was Kathy Van Eerden that made the statement, 'specially since the District is in need of a savior right now, and 'specially since Van Eerden is vying for her  seat at the moment.

Funny how the School District is bemoaning our difficult financial situation NOW. 


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