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Friday, March 12, 2010

West Bend School District Supt. due for pay increase in midst of TAX LEVY/REFERENDUM WOES

Did I hear this right?  Supt. Pat Herdrich is coming up for a pay increase, and just might get it?

One more thing… the Superintendent is up for review this month.  Odds are about 20,000 to 1 that she will receive a raise. 

In this era of a taxpayer-rejected tax levy passed by the school board, a referendum that passed at a nearly 50/50 vote and the cries of district taxpayers to stop, this school board just can't seem to listen.  They are cutting teachers, programs, making threats......all of the good stuff, except for touching the administration.  A pay freeze across the board is laughable.  Let's talk reality.  Where are the cuts?  The cuts.  You know.  A reduction in pay?  Easing up the budget?  Put school district administration on one side of the scale and everything else on the other side.  Oops!  A bit heavy, aren't we?

West Bend taxpayers should be keeping a watchful eye on Pat Herdrich's salary, the school board, and any discussion that ensues concerning a PAY RAISE.  This is yet another assault on taxpayer wishes, and West Bend should be outraged if it even comes to light in conversation, let alone actually be considered.

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