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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Westby, Wisconsin - Uff Da, and all that

Saw this store in the center of downtown Westby.  Curiosity had the best of me.  A quaint and simple little store filled with seasonal crafts and home decorations.

Cafe/candy store/souvenir/ice cream/internet/lefse shoppe:

The lefse looked freshly made, so we got some for our daughters.  You could purchase a stack of about 6 lefse for $2.29 (plain) or with butter/sugar and cinnamon for $2.49.  We chose the latter.  They were prepared, rolled up and warmed.  The girls loved 'em!


cimino said...

The lefse at Ole & Lena's is prepared with no preservatives- all fresh natural ingredients and served fresh. That's why it is sssooooo good!
Glad the gals liked it!! Stop in again on your travels through our Norwegian town and maybe take some Lefse home to enjoy.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Thanks for the post! I snuck a taste and wished I had bought MORE - FOR US! :-)

We expect to be passing through quite often over the next couple of years. The sandwich menu looked DELICIOUS! Prices are right, too!