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Saturday, August 21, 2010

West Bend Storm Damage

Cleanup at First Baptist Church on Main Street/West Bend

I was driving home yesterday when these storms blew threw West Bend, so I arrived just after the worst had passed.  We had a partial tree down in our back yard with minor damage.  My daughters had rescued outside furniture and odds/ends.  We lost power from about 5 to 11:30 p.m.  Drove around today and looked at some of the damage.  Pics are below.  There was hardly a street we traveled that did not have folks out with chain saws, rakes, or piles of brush in front of their homes.  Seems like today was work day for all....

Some interesting video HERE from Fox6 and articles HERE and HERE.

Hwy. NN

Tree on top of building in WB Industrial
Park off Rusco Drive

Unfortunate parking location, Maplewynde Subdivision

Most West Bend streets looked like this.

Uprooted tree, Steiner Electric, WB Industrial Park

Downed tree in our subdivision...

Hwy. P between West Bend and Jackson

This one looks more like a lightening strike.

                                                     Men at work.

Maple Drive Subdivision

East Paradise Drive


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