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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

West Bend City Council Considers Rescind on River Bluffs Project

Kudos to our City Council.....

The West Bend Common Council will consider rescinding its previous vote approving the River Bluffs Townhomes developer’s agreement at its next meeting, scheduled for Sept. 13. 
    Monday night, Alderman Ed Duquaine asked for that after listening to city staff reports on the status of the controversial project. 
    He said the developer, Real Estate Equities Development of St. Paul, Minn., was not meeting the construction costs it promised when it first pitched the project to the city. 
    “That’s a huge concern of mine,” he said. 
    Aldermen who voted for the developer’s agreement in June are now openly wondering if Real Estate Equities hadn’t oversold its project to them. 

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