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Friday, January 29, 2010

AB458/SB324 Planned Parenthood "Un"Healthy Youth Act passes Senate and Assembly today

Sat in on the Senate yesterday.  Listened to Grothman and Olson put up the fight on this bill. Plenty of sound amendments were offered.  All reasonable.  All shot down.

Sen. Lena Taylor, the ungifted speaker that she is,  used ad hom attacks and nonsensical rhetoric to retort common sense.  Bottom line, this bill only passed because the Dems outnumber the Republicans.

Sen. Olson stated, "When a public entity takes on parental authority, parents should have a say."

Taylor responded by saying that this bill is a "road map to do it right" and that it is meant to "take away leadership."

Indeed, Ms. Taylor.  Indeed.

Of the six amendments offered by the GOP, the Senate rejected all but one, Sen. Glenn Grothman’s Senate Amendment 1 requiring that the legal ramifications of underage sex (i.e. sex offender registries, etc.) be taught along with the comprehensive sex ed required by this bill. It was a long, hard fight in the Senate, much like the Assembly, with the exception that the majority party actually voted on the GOP amendments instead of tabling them.
The bill flew to the Assembly who was in session yesterday afternoon.  The Assembly voted to pass the bill, and it's on its way to Doyle's desk for the rubber stamp.

Great thanks and appreciation to the Senators (particularly Grothman, Olsen, Leibham, Lazich and Hopper) who fought against this dangerous bill in the committee and/or on the floor.

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