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Friday, January 8, 2010

BWW Blazin' Challenge in West Bend - Girl's Just Gotta Have Fun

Though this was last year, this willowy young gal just makes me laugh as she breaks the stereotype for BWW hot-wing pounders!  12 wings in under two minutes!  UGOGIRL!


SafeLibraries said...

At the beginning of that I was drooling. In the middle I was wondering what the iPod device was doing, probably a timer. By the end I felt a little sick from watching all that food being shoved down so fast.


SafeLibraries said...

I never noticed BWW until your blog post. Now I'm going to check out the BWW restaurant I just noticed near me. Thanks.

Regarding hot foods, I'm making Jamaican jerk chicken tonight. It has "scotch bonnet" pepper that is one of the hottest peppers ever.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

BWW is delicious, but overpriced. Sport bar-ish. Very popular here.

Scotch bonnet? Never heard of it. Hotter than habaneros? How did it turn out?

SafeLibraries said...

It was good but not impressive. I quickly note that it did not approach the real deal. It was just some spice from a bottle, not the real thing made in half an oil barrel with fresh peppers, etc.

That said, the sauce that resulted from what I did was quite tasty, with the predominant flavor being the ginger I added. That and the slight hotness from the powdered pepper in the seasoning was not bad.

Yes, I'd make it again, but once the bottle runs out, I won't get it again.