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Monday, September 28, 2009

West Bend School Board told "NO" loudly by district taxpayers PART III

This man gives a number of points, mainly that he was pretty angry, as were many other taxpayers, that the subject material of this budget meeting was not properly communicated to school district residents, nor was the information that they could give an advisory vote. He was upset that the only ones who notified the public were Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling. (LOLOLOL! Thanks, Guys!) - 

(Another resident made his comments about the teacher's union getting their pay increase from Doyle that made Channel 4 news tonight. (Sorry, didn't get it on video.) The budget proposal has a 2.5 million dollar pay increase for teachers. The commenter made reference to the teacher's union getting Doyle into office, then said if the teacher's want their 2.5 million, they should get it from "that rat they elected". The crowd went wild!!!)

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