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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Library Director special guest of ACLU - taking his "victory" over the parents and patrons of West Bend to the streets

We would not expect any less.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin Foundation will be recognizing Banned Books Week through several events across the state. Nationally, Banned Books Week is an awareness campaign sponsored by the American Library Association which celebrates the freedom to read and the right to open, accessible libraries.


The ACLU of Wisconsin was also involved in supporting the librarians at the public library in West Bend, WI after books with gay and lesbian characters were challenged by local residents.


ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation Banned Books Week Kick-off and Fundraiser
Tuesday, September 15, 7:00—8:30 p.m.
Goodman Community Center149 Waubesa Street Madison, WI 53704

Featuring special guests Michael Tyree, Director, West Bend Community Memorial Library and Maria Hanrahan, West Bend community organizer. These brave book defenders will share their story of a book challenge this year in West Bend, WI. The professionalism of the library staff and the efforts of community activists were crucial in defending a diverse library collection that is free and accessible to all community patrons. A $25, tax-deductible donation is encouraged.


But wait!  Maria Hanrahan?  Isn't she the one who talks about parents and taxpayers in the West Bend community saying things like......

The acronym for West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries should be renamed to "West Bend Citizens Removing All Personal Priveleges from You (WB-CRAPPY)"
That she cannot find anything sexually explicit at all in the book "Deal With It."  -see June 3 comment (::::rolling eyes:::)
...there is nothing "reasonable" about the requests made by the parents/patrons of WBCFSL.

Yep.  One and the same.  
And she's representing YOU, West Bend!  

West Bend is on Madison's radar to be mocked and ridiculed while raising funds for a community center, all at the proud request of the ACLU.  Sounds like Comedy Central.  It certainly isn't the first time......  Guess Madison's liberal utopia doesn't have enough lefties on their team.

The good 'ole ACLU........reminds me of a prophetic message I saw on youtube...


SafeLibraries said...

I went to the ACLU blog post. I did not find a means for leaving a comment. Did I miss something?

Had I found a comment link, I would have said this:

No books have been banned in the USA for about a half a century. See "National Hogwash Week."

Also see "US Libraries Hit Back Over Challenges to Kids Books," by Sara Hussein, Agence France-Presse [AFP], 6 September 2009.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

No,Dan, you are correct. No comments allowed. LOLOL!