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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sen. Grothman to speak in West Bend TONIGHT

Senator Glenn Grothman

at St. Andrew's Church just north of West Bend

Monday October 6th at 7 pm.

TOPIC: "It's time to get off the bench and into the cultural battle".

All are invited to come and hear Senator Grothman's urgent plea for help in the fight to save our liberties and Christian values. St. Andrew's Church is located at 7750 N. Hwy 144 North of West Bend.


Mpeterson said...

I'm afraid I see nothing Christian in declaring war. Where's the mercy and compassion? Where's the care for the poor? When does Glenn throw the money lenders out of the temple instead of inviting them in and catering lunch?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...


IF you read the Bible, then perhaps you would realize that God used men to attain justice and maintain righteousness throughout history. I won't go into a lesson for you here, but perhaps, if you are interested, I could recommend a few chapters to give you insight into that practice. Mercy and compassion are, at times, the REASON for war. No lunch was provided.