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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fondy "diversity initiative" stomped on by residents/county supervisor

Our first story takes place in Fond du Lac County. It starts with a few county supervisors trying to pop a sham, if you will. These supervisors, in cahoots with some people with an agenda in the county, claimed Fond du Lac County was facing a workforce crisis in the future because of the imminent retirement of baby boomers, an interesting proposition in itself, considering that Fond du Lac has, as one county supervisor noted, more people than jobs. The answer these supervisors proposed was a ‘Comprehensive Countywide Diversity Initiative.”
It should come as no surprise that an initiative with the word diversity in it includes sexual orientation in the list of special classes. And not only that, the initiative originally specifically stated that “Fond du Lac County communities shall welcome and include all people in neighborhoods, places of worship, schools...” etc.

Places of worship! Since when did county government have the right to mandate the policies of places of worship?

Amazingly, a timely revision has removed the “places of worship” phrase.
The hometown hero on this one? A courageous county supervisor who was eventually joined by several brave residents. Supervisor Jim Kiser alerted the community and rallied a host of concerned citizens to the board meeting. It was a happening meeting, according to an eyewitness account, with 14 citizens registered beforehand to speak against the initiative and 3 registered to speak in favor.


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