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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brewers lose to Mets and Palin

Last night I attended the Brewers game at Miller Park. We played the Mets.

We had really incredible seats in the sixth row behind the Mets dugout. Very cool

We started out with a run in the first inning, then the Mets ran on ahead in the third, 1-5.
The Brewers came back and tied it up in the fourth, and held the tie into the tenth inning when the Mets took over and we lost 5-6.

The unusual thing about this game is not the hot dog that won the sausage race.
It wasn't the bad ref call on Hardy's slide into second that cost us an out.
It wasn't Bernie Brewer's slide in the first inning or the opening fireworks.


It was the the scuttlebut amongst the fans.

As I sat in the stands, I was surrounded by incessant echoes of political conversations. I am not kidding. It was ongoing, game-long discussion about Palin! There were even people sitting with open newspapers, reading the leftilicious media reports....

It was an oddity.

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