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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Survey Sighs.....

Some things I'd like to point out about the West Bend School District Referendum Survey...

1. Though the website states "Survey Open Only to District Residents Through July 3rd", how are they
ensuring this?

2. Q. What do you like about this November 2008 referendum plan?

If you choose to leave this answer blank, you wil receive an error message. Ditto with the question directly following it that asks for what you DISLIKE about it. You MUST give an answer and state what you LIKE (or dislike), or you may not continue with the survey. And ditto with any other "fill in the answer" type questions.

3. Under FUTURE NEEDS, you are FORCED to rank the order of schools. What if you don't want to? Can't rank 0. You are FORCED to rank, even if you don't think it is "rankable."

4. Respondent information. What in the world does Talk Radio have to do with the referendum? C'mon...

Do you have children in your household who attend: Please select only one answer.
Public K-12 school
Private K-8 school
Both public and private school
No children who currently attend public or private school

I have two kids that attend private school? What do I check????

Considering all of the above, it's not worthy of my time.

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