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Monday, May 9, 2011

GSA DENIED Co-Curricular Status at West Bend High Schools

In short, there were about 100 people or so (I didn't count, but it may have been more) after all the sports awards were given out and that large group of people left. Atty. Patrykus gave a very unconvincing speech about how the District is going to get sued and THEY will be getting money in THEIR pockets if the GSA is denied co-curricular, taxpayer-funded status. Both the Mom and Dad of the GSA's president spoke to the board in favor. Then I spoke. Then Atty. Waring Fincke did his spiel and threw his weight around with the "you're going to get sued if you don't approve this" speech.

Next, someone had asked that Dave Weigand recuse himself from the vote (I think it was Patrykus, but not sure) as he already had an established opinion. Without going into all the details, that was nixed (to their credit) by all the board members EXCEPT FOR TODD MILLER. All members (with the exception of the absent Williams) voted tonight.

Conversation across the board was:

Kris Beaver is terrified of the bullies and basically stated so. He was going to vote to approve simply based on fear of Fincke and Patrykus's legal threats.

Randy Parks has a son who is in the GSA and stated in the work session that he was in favor of the club being co-curricular. If there was anyone who should have recused himself, this would have been the one to ask if that was the criteria we are using.

Todd Miller acted like he had an axe to grind all night. He voted for the club because, well, because.

Board member Randy Marquardt made it clear that he did not appreciate being told by the attorneys that they had to approve this club or they would get sued. He did not feel they were in violation of any statutes or laws, and did not agree with the attorneys. He also said that that curricular and policy ties were a stretch to make them fit to the GSA, and he did not agree that the GSA fit the policy for a co-curricular. With that said, the three conservative board members did what their constituents were confident they would do. They were represented to the fullest with the NAY vote for a school-sponsored GSA.

Much appreciation to Randy Marquardt, Tim Stepanski and Dave Weigand who stood firm in their representation of our conservative school district.

To God be the Glory.


suzo666 said...

Hello, Ginny. If you aren't familiar with me, my name is Ian Pace. I am the co-president of the West Bend High School GSA, alongside Nick Schoob. We would like to extend greetings to you and your moral crusaders, and wish you the best on your futile endeavours. You cannot and will not silence the voice of the youth. It is not within your power to do so. You cannot ignore injustice and discrimination. It will prevail, and no one can stop it. We will continue to suffer for a cause worthy of a true goal: equality. So please, continue to waste time blogging about us. Justice is out there, and we will find it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ian M. Pace

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Hi, Ian! Thanks for taking the time to write. It is not my intention to "silence the voice of youth." I believe young people are a precious gift from God and have much to contribute to this world. Blessings, Ian!

jake said...

i firmly stand beside my brother ian. i feel that the denial of the west bend high school GSA's was morally and religiously biased. the purpose of a gay straight alliance is exactly that; an organization dedicated towards bringing people together regardless of their lifestyle or their sexual orientation. it is an open environment through which people can develop a sense of self and learn where they stand in the world.i will stand beside ian and the rest of the west bend GSA until equality and justice overcome closed-mindedness and prejudice.

respectfully submitted,
Jacob W. Harrison

Travis said...

Hello Ginny, I attended the board meeting, and would like to point out one thing: it was stated by both speakers as well as the board that the GSA does not wish to recive taxpayer funded,co-cirruclar status, but voluntary and free status as a school sponsored club, such as key club.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Thank you for stopping by, Jacob!

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

This is true, Travis, but you must remember that this does not mean the GSA would not QUALIFY for funding. That may all be "well and good" for today, but in the future that could change, and nothing would be able to be done about it then. Thanks for the note, Travis!

shenningrn said...

Ginny, I want to thank you for all your hard work and am glad this petition did not pass. This is a non-academic club, with flimsy and hastily drawn up ties to the curriculum to meet the application standard for approval. This should not be a school sponsored club. Kudos to the 3 board members who wouldn't be bullied by the threat of a lawsuit. Fincke threatened it was "illegal" to deny this club school-sponsorship, but what about the legal ramifications of exposing minors to this club's agenda? Personally, I don't agree with the homesexual lifestyle, but I am tolerant. These kids can keep meeting, and I wouldn't want that stopped. But it shouldn't be school sponsored. Keep up the good work - and I speak for many of my neighbors and friends in West bend.