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Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama vacations in Chicago, skips honoring vets at Arlington

Curtsy to Marsha S. - Wauwatosa

From American Thinker:

Although somber and respectful, this Memorial Day will be different because, one week following the death of five troops in Kabul, Barack Obama has decided to forgo the Arlington Cemetery tradition of commemorating dead soldiers and instead intends to fly to Chicago for an extended weekend.

So Obama dumps the time-honored, somber, presidential tradition of representing the American people in honoring fallen soldiers at Arlington?  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will be decorated in a delegated fashion this year?  Maybe Obama is taking the weekend to catch up with his Alinsky buddies.  That's it.  Priorities, ya know.

As an American and a United States Army veteran, I am personally offended with this atrocious behavior.

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